The Golf Bike is bringing fun, fitness and speed of play to the game of golf



Tallahassee, Florida-January 2, 2014—After a successful debut at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show, Higher Ground Golf Company will be at the 2014 show poised to deliver on their first run of course-ready golf bikes.

“We’ve seen a growing interest across the country as well as in Europe, where cycling is a large part of the culture,” says Ryan Barrow, Project Manager for Higher Ground. “Resorts see the product as a way to bring in new customers who are interested in fitness and speed of play.  Private courses are looking at the bike as another amenity they can offer to their members, enhancing both morning and twilight play. Coaches and teachers see the bike as a training tool for their players, allowing them to combine exercise with their play, resulting in better fitness and much more efficient practice. While many progressive courses see the product as a green alternative to electric and gas-powered carts. “

With a history of product design in the golf and cycling industries, Higher Ground has developed this patent-pending bike specifically for use on the golf course.  “The bike is easy to use and the small wheels with wide rubber tires create easy acceleration with hardly any impact to the course,” according to Barrow.  “And with an average time of around 1 hour for 9 holes, this is a win for courses as well as players”

Higher Ground Golf Company is located in Tallahassee, Florida at 1410 A-1 Market St.  32312.



Roger Hawkes

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