The History of The Golf Bike

“My inspiration for The Golf Bike was to combine two of my favorite passions: golf and cycling. In recent years I found it difficult to make the time to experience both activities on a regular basis. With The Golf Bike, I have combined the benefits of each, bringing the elements of fun, fitness and speed of play to the greatest game ever played. This new spin on an old tradition will provide the avid golfer with the ability to play at the speed of a cart while getting paid back with fun and fitness. It will also introduce the game to cyclists by combining a great outdoor experience with a fun, new way to exercise. And let’s not forget the future. The Golf Bike will help make the game cool and exciting to the younger generations, hopefully making golf’s future as bright as its storied past.

With my background in the cycling profession and history in golf product design and manufacturing, I have joined the two sports together in this fun, functional and game changing product. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!”

Todd May

Todd May, President of Higher Ground Golf Co. and Inventor of the Golf Bike

Todd May is the President of Higher Ground Golf Co. and inventor of The Golf Bike. After graduating from The University of Florida, he started his career in design and manufacturing, making outdoor furniture and also in his spare time developing golf swing aids. In 2001, after becoming an avid mountain biker, he turned his attention to starting Higher Ground Bicycle Co. Thirteen years later, Higher Ground has grown to be one of the premier bike shops in the Southeast. Through all this, Todd continually developed his love for design and began the idea of combining his two greatest passions. In 2010, the first prototype Golf Bike was designed. In 2013, it was presented at the PGA show in the Inventor’s Spotlight. The Golf Bike has now been enthusiastically accepted by the golf industry and is being used on golf courses across the U.S. and Canada. Look for it soon on a course near you!