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The Golf Bike – HiConsumption

Featured on (Written by Sam Jordan) Yes, golf is a sport, but unless your pre-swing routine includes 50 jumping jacks, it’s not a sport that will flush much of last night’s margarita binge out of your system. Hop off that cart and give your legs a workout with the Golf Bike. Designed specifically for the golf […]

Golf Bike: A Bicycle Designed for the Fairway

Featured on – February 13, 2014 You’ve already ditched the car in favor of a bicycle for doing your daily commutes. You’ve even ditched the ATV for a CB4 Hunting Bike during your weekend trips to the backcountry. Might as well go all in on that pedal-powered life and trade your Garia LSV Golf […]

Golf Bike Provides “Greens” Transportation

Featured on — Januray 14, 2014 (Written by Ben Coxworth) Although golfers who use golf carts (or the various powered alternatives) do miss out on a good source of exercise, walking from hole to hole can indeed get monotonous. It was with this paradox in mind that the Golf Bike was created. So, what […]